Reuse packaging material

Reuse packaging material

Although most of us are already reusing our grocery bags , most of our waste still consists of packaging material.

With a little creativity and good will, you don’t have to throw away all the packaging and you can reuse it as packaging or just as a handy tool. 

But beware, it is ‘an art’ to find a good balance between creative reuse and a house full of ‘clutter’ that you may one day be able to use again.

Tip for today
Reuse your packaging

In a previous blog post about ‘Reuse and Recycle‘ I added 2 videos with tip.

And on the internet you can find plenty of inspiration. 1 such great resource is the blog post of the American  Jillee.

She has the most screaming website ever and is so typically American, but she has some damn good home hacks, cleaning tips and DIY tricks.

From one of her blogposts I got the inspiration for the following tips. Hope they can help you with reusing your packaging material.

Tips for Reusing packaging material

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