Make someone smile

Make someone smile

Did you know that your health improves and your lifespan increases by laughing? When you laugh, every organ in your body is positively affected.

Your breathing speeds up and you exercise your diaphragm, your neck, your stomach, your face and your shoulders. The amount of oxygen in your blood increases, which is medicinal and improves your blood circulation. Laughter can lower your heart rate, dilate your arteries, stimulate appetite and burn calories.

1 minute of good laughter, delivers 3 quarters of an hour of relaxation. Research by the University of Stanford has shown that laughing 100 times equals 10 minutes on the rowing machine.

(Source: The definite book of body language, Allan & Barbara Pease)

So laughter is good for you!

But the older we get, the more serious we become. An adult (ed: who doesn’t follow 365 Smiles) laughs an average of only 15 times a day. A toddler laughs an average of 400 times a day.

Tip for April 1
Make someone laugh today.

Math professor Matthew Weathers pulls pranks on his students every year on April 1.

This prank is fantastic (has 97 million views)!

If you still have time, be sure to check out his YouTube channel. He has a whole bunch of great pranks like this that he pulls with his students.

I can imagine that even the students of letters and philosophy are taking the elective in math!

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