Make a list of your favourite books or films

List of favourites

There are those who hate lists. But believe it or not, making list of “favourites” is actually good for you!

The good memories or the pleasant anticipation of what is yet to come, give your brain positive impulses. In either case, our happiness hormones are triggered and that makes you feel happy!

Tip for today
Make your list with favourite books /movies.
It’s fun to do alone, but it can be much of fun to do this with friends or family.

And it’s not only fun for yourself to have such lists, but also helpful if someone asks you for a tip!

No one says you have to limit yourself to movies and books. Lists of ‘favourite things‘ make you happy, whatever the “thing” may be.

Julie Andrews already knew that in the Sound of Music. Enjoy this clip out of one of my favourite movies from the old days.

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