Bring your parents flowers – just because

bering your parents flowers

Now that the sun is shining outside, it’s lovely to brighten things up inside, too. And colourful flowers are an ideal way to do this.

Flowers bring a sunny ambiance to your home. Everyone in the house becomes a little happier by the smells and the bright colours!

For generations, flowers have been the traditional gift to show your affection.
I’m sure you’ll make your parents very happy with a bouquet, because – whether you give them or receive them – flowers spread a feeling of well-being

Tip for today
Bring your parents flowers unexpectedly – just because they are your parents.

And if you cannot bring them flowers, put some fresh flowers next to their picture.

Daffodils on New Year’s Eve
My mom (87)  lives in a small room in a nursing home. Since Corona, you can take “in a room” quite literally. She has hardly been outside in the last year.

So we try to bring the outside in by bringing her flowers.

Mom also has Parkinson’s and the medications give her delusions and memory loss. But at this time, it is actually a blessing.

The delusions are generally quite pleasant:

  • She sees beautiful classical concerts playing out in front of her window.
  • The large pond a little further on (there is only a small lawn) is full of playing ducks.
  • The children of Bart Peeters’ uncle (don’t ask me where this comes from) keep her company. ‘They are much better behaved than my own children ever were, because they don’t talk back’ ..
  • And it’s “New Year’s Eve” every day.

When I brought her Daffodils this weekend, she said with surprise: ‘Oh I am really glad that there are already daffodils on New Year’s Eve.

Life can be so pleasantly simple!

Real bouquets have the annoying tendency of wilting after 1 to 2 weeks. And fake bouquets often look too plastic.
Unless… you choose the Fabulous Faux Flowers of

Two friends (Lieve and Stephanie) started this innovative and sustainable flower concept. Their Silk flowers always bloom, stay full of colour and constantly radiate with all their strength.

I can assure you, the flowers are truly beautiful and remain so.

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