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New scientific research shows that being kind to someone doesn’t just make the other feel good. It also has a positive effect on yourself, it even has an impact on your genes!

In this blog you will find every day a new tip on how you can make yourself and others happy and smiling.
The small acts take little effort and you can get started right away.

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Hello, I am Caroline.

My mission is to bring more Smiles and positive energy into the world.

Under the name of 365smiles, every day I give away a tip to make someone else (and yourself) happy. After all, it is scientifically proven that giving someone else a smile makes you feel good yourself. And it doesn’t have to be anything big: a nice compliment, a thank you, a kind word. You can subscribe to our daily tips in English below. 

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Together we make the world a little happier!

Learn your formula for Positive Energy

In her enthusiastic and uplifting way, Caroline gives you tips to recharge yourself with positive energy, so you bring more positivity,  joy and succes into your life.

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(Webinar in Dutch: March 2  from 19:00 till 20:00)

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Caroline’s Talk at Prem’s radioshow

Every week Caroline Anseeuw is a guest of Prem Radhakishun in his engaging talk show about the news and much more –  Zwarte Prietpraat (Show is in Dutch)

(Radio 1 – The Netherlands)

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Do you wanna help making the world a little brighter?

To make the world a little better, it is not necessary to devote your entire life to huge Charities. Even the busiest person has a moment every day for giving a nice compliment, a sweet gesture or a heartfelt thank you.

365 Smiles sends a warm tip every day to give someone else (and yourself, too) a big smile. You can subscribe below and it’s completely free. So there’s nothing stopping you from putting a smile on many faces starting tomorrow. 

What can you expect? 

  • Every day fun inspiration and a simple tip to make someone happy.
  • On Sundays you get something extra special: an inspiring video clip or a motivational text.
  • You’ll regularly receive free cards, checklists, infographics, all things that make it even easier to make someone happy.
  • For you there are funny quotes, clips, …. that make you smile and make you feel good.
  • Promotions on trainings and actions around positive energy
  • A shot of positive energy every day!

Start making your positive impact today!

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