Go outside and enjoy the winter

Enjoy winter

A friend of mine moved to California a long time ago. But she couldn’t settle there. It was always summer. She longed for bad weather. 

At the time, I thought she was crazy, especially with weather like today: grey, cold, wind & drizzle.

But in recent years, I understand her completely. Every day after my daily walk, I feel so much better, regardless of the weather. I now consciously enjoy any type of weather outside. Even in harsh winter times.

That makes sense, being in the open air is good for your health. It makes you happier and more productive and it reduces your stress.

The fact that we don’t have perfect weather every day is just part of our winters here. Just like warm blankets, cozy lights, candles, steaming drinks, …Isn’t that wonderful?

Tip for today
Go outside even in ‘bad’ weather and enjoy “our” winters.
And remember: there is no bad weather, only bad clothing!

4 ways to embrace the winter

Dress to linger outside
Make it as comfortable as possible to be outside. Put on several layers of warm sweaters, cozy mittens and warm scarves

Winter boots at the door

Put your winter boots next to the door to remind you to take your daily walk, no matter the weather. This will help you make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Start with 10 minutes and build up your outdoor time.
Studies show that people acclimate to cold environments through repeated exposures.

Adapt your patio and garden to low temperatures
If you have an outdoor space, invest in an extra heating pad, fleece blankets and pillows and why not, a cozy fire bowl!

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