Send a traditional New Year’s card to your friends & family

Write a traditional card

Sending Christmas cards is a tradition that dates back to early 19th-century England. Due to social media, our busy schedules and other excuses, it’s slipping away.

Tip for today
Send a traditional Christmas card to your family and friends.

A traditional – handwritten card – send by snail mail, is sure to bring a smile:

  1. It shows you care. You took the effort and the time to think of the recipient and share some wishes.
  2. Handwriting gives a personal touch. In this digital world where we can send e-cards to a mass mailinglists, even only a couple of words is great.
  3. A Christmas card can be kept for years to come. Getting a photo card year after year, is like a mini photo timeline
  4. Finding a handwritten card between all the bills and publicity is exciting!
  5. It’s fun to display the cards. I remember when I was young, the cards hung around the living room till the end of January!
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