Leave a kind message on social media – even with someone you don’t know personally

Kind message on social media

I do little on social media. At least not enough to make 365 Smiles known to the general public.

But from time to time,  I do my best and I post some tips. And I am always happy with the kind reactions of people. Very often these are even people I don’t know.

If it makes me so happy to receive a kind message, I also want to grant other people this smile. It actually is very simple to do: 

If you see a post and something catches your eye, give it a nice comment, instead of just a thumbs up or a heart. Maybe the picture is adorable, maybe the dish in the picture looks super tasty, maybe the family seems super happy or maybe the couple radiates pure love. Maybe you think the outfit is beautiful or the scenery breathtaking. Maybe the post inspires you or made you laugh.

It’s not hard to find something nice and add that as a comment to the post.

By doing this, you will make someone happy. Even if they don’t know you.

Tip for today
Leave a kind reaction on social media – even with someone you don’t know personally.

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