Donate your old computer to disadvantaged children

Help disadvantaged young people with your old computers

I am happy that I do not have to write as in the picture. I have a laptop that I don’t have to share.

But some kids aren’t that lucky.

The touching stories about vulnerable young people who now have to take online classes from home make me very quiet. Because there is no computer, or the only computer has to be shared with all siblings, sometimes they simply cannot follow the online classes or send in their papers and homework on time.

As a result, they lose points and are sometimes put on ‘unlawful absence’ with all the consequences that entails. And this is happening right under our noses, right next door.

That is why I enthusiastically welcome all initiatives to make old computers ready for use again by these young people.

Tip for today
If you still have an old computer or laptop, donate it to an organisation that will pass it on to disadvantaged young people.

In Belgium you can do this via

Or you can take part in the many local initiatives

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