Be courteous in traffic

Let someone cut the lane in front of you

Driving frequently brings out the discourtesy in even the nicest people. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can maintain a cool head whatever road conditions you may be caught in.

Especially when there is a very frustrated driver who wants to cut your way.
Well, I let him… I always think: maybe he is that impatient because he has to pick up his children and is already way too late, maybe he feels sick and needs a bathroom urgently, maybe his mother is in the hospital, …

So I give these hasty people, the benefit of the doubt. You never know …

Tip for today
Give way in traffic to someone who wants to cut the lane right in front of you! And smile at that Speedy Gonzales


In Antwerp, people are courteous in a very selective way.

Watch this funny clip from the comic TV Show  “Achter De Feiten (2014)” (in Dutch)

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