Wash somebody else’s car

wash the car of your partner

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Surprise somebody and wash their car or take it to the carwash.

Is it better to wash the car yourself? Or can you just take it to the car wash? 

According to Yves De Boeck, car bodyshop teacher at Syntra training center in Mechelen, the best way to wash your car is to do it with water and soap yourself. Washing by hand remains the best guarantee for a nice result, but you have to do it right. Yves lists the most important tips.

  • Water, water and more water: make sure you use enough water when you wash the car. Before you start with soap, rinse well, preferably under high pressure. Make sure that about 80% of the dirt flows away this way. Of course you can also use an ordinary garden hose, but it rinses less thoroughly and consumes more water.
  • Brush with clean material. The body of a car is sensitive to scratches. So a classic sponge is not a good idea. It’s better to use special cleaning cloths with microfibers. They protect the paint of your car.
  • Your bucket should also be clean for that reason. Dirty buckets are full of dust and sand. Not a good idea to put your cleaning cloth in there.
  • Look for good soap. Dreft is a good detergent but for your car you use best specific car products. You can buy them at specialized stores.
  • Last but not least: polish from top to bottom. At the bottom the most dirt sticks, you really don’t want to smear it on the rest of your car.

From www.radio2.be/de-inspecteur/to-car-wash-or-not-to-car-wash

When you take you car to the car wash, you can do some other cleaning too…(in Dutch)

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