Thank the childcare provider

Thank you child care providers

October 12 is the day of the day-care provider.
I found these little poem online:

Although I’m not their mother, I care for them each day
I cuddle, sing and read to them, and watch them as they play.

I see each new accomplishment, and help them grow and learn.
I understand their language and listen with concern.

They come to me for comfort and I kiss away their tears.
They proudly show their work to me, I give the loudest cheers.

I am not their mother, but my role is as strong.
I nurture them and keep them safe, though maybe not for long.

I know someday the time may come when we will have to part
But I know each child I’ve cared for is forever in my heart.

Tip for today
Thank the daycare provider of your children or thank someone who took care of you when you were a  baby.
(You can download these cards for free)

I could not help and had to give you this clip!

Did you see the movie Nanny McPhee? Great movie and this nanny is the best childcare you can dream of.

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