Bring sweets to a covid test center

Bring something sweet to covid testers

Unfortunately, the Covid test centers are filling up again. 

My daughter Sophie is currently studying in Lisbon. The public Covid-test center, for the ‘ordinary’ people, can be described as pre-war. A small room full of coughing, sneezing, ill people. They even crammed some beds in there for people who are too sick to sit or stand up.

If you need to be tested there, you have to wait your turn and be very patient. Some friends of Sophie had to wait for 4 to 6 hours! And….Once inside, you can’t leave before you have been tested.

So you don’t want to be there! But the Covid nurses have no choice. They show up every day, doing their job with grace and having a kind word for everybody.

Tip for today
In our tests centers too, the caretakers and nurses do a fantastic job in the line of fire.
Bring something sweet for them when you get tested. Or just go drop off some cookies.
Best give packaged cookies so they can disinfect the box before accepting it.

This young man did not bring cookies,
but thanked the doctors in a very  unique way.

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