Give a real hug

Hugging carefully during Corona times

Family therapist Virginia Satir claims that we need four at least four hugs a day to survive. So how many do you need for optimal health? According to science, we should get or give as many as possible if we want to reap the greatest positive effects. At least 12 a day, but preferably many more.

Unfortunately, most Western people today are deficient in touch.
So if you want to feel better, reduce your stress, communicate better, be happier and healthier, start giving hugs.
After all, it has been proven that hugging your loved ones regularly, even if only briefly, can have extremely positive effects on your brain and body.

Tip for today
Give someone a real hug. Or even better: give at least 12 hugs. Say the 365 Smiles ordered you to do it.
If you want to do it Corona-proof you can check the infographic below.

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