Praise parents for the behavior of their kids

Praising parents on their parental skills is huge

You can’t deny it: parenting is a real challenge!  I felt often guilty and unsure about some aspects of raising my kids. Now that they’ve become wonderful young adults, most of my ‘parenting tasks’ are done.

But when they were smaller, every compliment about my children was a welcome gift! These words gave me the confidence  that we did well as parents. And boy, oh boy, you really need to hear that from time to time.

So I’m sure you can make many young parents happy with some praise on their parental efforts!

Tip for today
Give praise to parents with young children about the behavior of their offspring.

12 best compliments
to give a parent

“Your kid never gives up.”

Parents are programmed to help their kids—even with the seemingly inconsequential stuff. Fighting the urge to do it for them, instead of letting them try, fail and try again is not always easy.
Hearing that your little one persevere—and succeed!—all on their own when you are not around is truly something fantastic.

“Good job, Mom!”

One day I was in the supermarket unloading my cart with a full check-out line behind me.
My 1 year old twin girls, where fighting over the same doll.  Arthur, 3, sitting in the cart seat, was ‘helping’ me unload. But the eggs slipped out of his hand on the ground….
An older woman behind us with a kind face said, ‘You’re doing great, Mom. It’s a tough job, but they seem like really good kids.’ She could see I was hanging by a string, trying to unload the cart, calming the girls, cleaning up the egg-mess.  That woman’s words made me feel like, ‘OK, I got this’.

“Your child is a good friend.”

In an age of bullies and mean girls, hearing that your kid is a good friend feels really good.

“You’re going to make an amazing mom.”

Nobody appreciates a confidence-boosting compliment quite like an anxious, untested mom-to-be.

“You’re so calm!”

Whether you’re a natural at creating order in a kid-induced chaos, or you are a hero in appearing  to be calm amid tantrums and tumult, having someone take note of your calm composure gives a boost.

“How do you do it?”

There is perhaps no balancing act more delicate than that of motherhood. So having someone praise her juggling skills means the world to her!

 “I love how you speak to your children.”

With the day-to-day frenzy of work and school, and the constant shuttling and scheduling, it’s all too easy for parents to be dismissive or short with your kid , to bark orders in hopes of being heard above the din. So when they do speak gently, warmly, and lovingly to our children and some one notices this , it warms a parent’s  heart!

“He’s/she’s very considerate to others.”

It’s wonderful to hear that your children are kind and empathic to others,

“Your kids are so polite!”

I sometimes wondered if I was raising animals instead of children. 1000 of times I had to remind them to be polite and show some respect. So, hearing that other people were impressed with my kids’ manners, behavior, and social skills let me know that I was not doing as bad of a job as I usually thought I was.

“Your son turned me into a kid person.”

Kids are loud. Sticky. Exhausting. Expensive. Some people just aren’t that into them. But a convert, who swore never to have kids, trading their Mini Cooper for a minivan after getting to know your kids…. that is the biggest compliment of all!

“You give your kids the freedom to be themselves.”

Most good and loving parents find it fairly easy to cope with their child’s strengths. However, coping with other character traits we can’t identify with, can be quite hard. It’s crucial that we allow our children to do things their own way and give them freedom to be themselves.
Praising parents for the courage they have to do this, will warm their hearts.

“you are a Superdad/Supermom!”

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