Give a mico-loan to starting entrepreneurs

Micro loans are a great initiatve

When our  calendar came out, my daughter Charlotte confronted me : “Mommy, the tip on Saturday February 27 is way over the top. Who does that or even knows how would you do that?” 

Charlotte was right, few people know about these beautiful initiatives. That is why I am so happy I included it,

It was an eye-opener to me to hear that our generous donations, oftentimes make our recipients feel like a complete failure. Of course our gifts help them, but do not empower them.  

 A loan, on the other hand,  gives the recipient a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem.  The fact that people believe in them, is often just the push they need to learn how to become financially independent.

There are numerous projects where – with a small contribution of 20 to 50 euros – you will make a big difference. If you browse on the internet you will certainly come across some of them.

Tip for today
Give a micro-loan to starting entrepreneurs in low wage countries.

The heartwarming project of Suzy and Vera

Finding an organisation that is trustworthy is not easy. You are not always sure what happens to your donations or loan.

That is why I am happy to present you the project of 2 fantastic women from Mol, whom I know personally and who do wonderful work: Rugendo.

They give support to the ‘mamans’ (mostly young widows)  in Eastern Congo by means of microloans, Their moving stories have touched me.

Like the story of Furaha who nervously,  stumbling over her words, in poor French, tells that she bought a new, sturdier front door. And put a floor in her house so that her house is now not only safer but more comfortable for her and her children.

Or Emilienne who told that she bought bricks to build a new house to replace her unstable clay house. The picture below shows her during the second year of the construction.

Or Agnes, thanks to the microloan, has been able to earn money to pay for her children’s school tuition, as well as for herself. In the morning she is at school, in the afternoon she is at the market. Last year she received her high school diploma.

More information about this beautiful project can be found on:

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