Buy a lottery ticket and give it to a stranger

Geef een lotje cadeau

Imagine this: You buy a win for life lottery ticket and give it to someone you don’t know.
Chances are they will look at you with open mouth  and may not want to accept it immediately.

When I did it, I just answered that it was my daily act of kindness and that they helped me by accepting the ticket. It worked.

And then ….you walk away without waiting for the result. 

It is great to fantasize what could happen.  Maybe they will win big time? What would they do with it?
Try it today, it will give you a great feeling.

Tip for today
Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger

Amazing story:

Mike Weirsky bought two Mega Millions lottery tickets from a convenience store in Phillipsburg, USA for $2 each. Upon getting distracted by his phone, he left the store forgetting his tickets. See what happens…

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