Hold the door for someone

Hou de deur open voor iemand

There’s just something nice about someone holding a door open for you.

I overheard somebody say, they thought this was very condescending. But hey, the person opening the door for you doesn’t think you’re too dumb to figure out how to turn the knob, nor does he or she think you’re too physically weak to push it open. It’s a simple gesture of courtesy.

As for me, this kind gesture makes me smile!

Tip for today:
Hold the door for someone, no matter what age or gender.

When you walk through a door right before someone else, you hold that door open for them, that’s easy. But if they’re a little too far behind you, they have to hurry to catch up, and that can be awkward.

For more overthinking of this door issue, you can watch this British funny comedy sketch. Enjoy!

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