Line-dry your laundry

Picture by Susanne Jutzeler via Pexels

Hanging clothes outside used to be old school. Now I feel like line-drying clothes takes the job of doing laundry to the next level. Not only is it economical and resourceful, it has a lot of other benefits…

Tip for today
Whenever the weather allows for it, line dry your clothes outside.

10 other surprising benefits that will make you smile 

  1. Using a clothesline saves on utilities.  Appliances with a heating element are a sure energy suck.  
  2. Hanging clothes gives you an excuse to get outside and enjoy some sunshine.  
  3. In addition to time outside, my clothes hanging time is typically ‘alone time’.  The silence is golden 😉
  4. The sunshine will naturally whiten your whites.  The sun naturally bleaches out stains and keeps your clothes looking spiffier!
  5. Your clothes will last longer.  All the friction in the dryer wears out clothes more quickly.
  6. Your clothes will have a natural fresh scent.
  7. Sometimes it’s faster to dry on a line than in the dryer.  
  8. You can check to see if stains came out.   Once your clothes are put in the dryer, stains will most likely be set-in permanently.  Hanging clothes out on the line, gives you a chance to handle and check each item.
  9. You do not lose socks anymore. We all joke about the sock-eating dryer but every year I have a basket full of socks missing their partner..
  10. There is less risk for shrinking
  11. It keeps your house cooler. Not running your dryer in the summer time can keep your laundry room a couple of degrees cooler.

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