Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep

Shakespeare knew it already. Macbeth says (in a free ‘translation’ of the old English):

‘Innocent sleep. Sleep that gently takes all our troubles away. Sleep that gives us rest each day. Sleep that relieves the exhausted worker and heals the hurting spirits. Sleep, the main course of life’s meal and the most nourishing!’

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Get enough sleep

An excerpt from my book: A Smile Every Day
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Sleep is your unknown lucky charm.

Few people think about sleep in function of feeling good and how they are in life.
Of course, you’ve experienced it before. If you haven’t slept enough, the next day you feel anything but happy. Nothing really works out. And people with a sleep problem feel daily what too little sleep does to a person.

I once had a friend who prided herself on getting by on only 4 hours of sleep a night. She was doing great.  She had a thriving business and had already accomplished a great deal.

I was so jealous!  I calculated what that extra 4 hours of awake time would do to my endless to-do list and it was impressive to say the least.

But I simply couldn’t do it. I tried more than once: I stayed up until 2am and set the alarm back at 6am. When everyone else went to sleep, I just kept on doing. Completely ignoring all the fatigue signals from my body. 

After a few days at this pace, I felt like a wrung-out rag and a weak little bird because I needed at least 7 hours of sleep.  And on top of that, my to-do list seemed to get even longer during those days, instead of shrinking.

I ran into that same sleepless friend again many years later. She looked gorgeous, was cheerful and seemed less agitated. That intrigued me.
‘Her secret?’ I asked. ‘Oh, that’s easy’ she said, laughing ‘ I sleep 8 hours every night now!”

Years of frustration were swept off the table in that moment.
‘Aha, I knew it. I always knew it!’.

There is a lot of research being done on sleep.

Because it is fascinating. We need sleep to survive, it’s so ingrained in our genes. But from an evolutionary standpoint, you would think that sleep is actually a very bad survival mechanism. After all, sleep made our ancestors vulnerable to predators. Surely, then, the benefits must really outweigh this great risk.

And that’s right…


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Sometimes peeking into someone’s bedroom is  fun. Peep along in this video that was made in a study of people’s sleeping habits.

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