Bring ‘old’ toys to a shelter

Donate old toys

My ex-husband’s mom keeps everything. Including the toys of her 2 sons (who are now way past 50!). She still has boxes full of the favourite toys of her sons.

And even though those toys are outdated, her grandkids had much fun playing with their dad’s toys.

I suppose most of us don’t have the space – or intention – to ‘hoard’ all the toys. On the other side it is a waste to throw away toys that are still in good shape.

So give these a second life and make other – less fortunate – children happy. That makes you feel good too. And in doing this you show your kids how nice it is to give something back to society.

Tip for today
Bring toys to a shelter or to another organisation like: 

Thrift stores, day care centers, homeless centers, Asylum centers or families in need…

A few examples of other organisations that collect and distribute toys are:

In Belgium: Moeders voor moeders and Spullenhulp. At De Kringwinkel you can even request free collection. Centers for Asylum seekers are also happy with toys.

In the Netherlands: Speelgoedbank Toys4u and Het Vergeten kind, Stichting babyspullen, Kind in Asielzoekcentra, …

I suppose, there will also be a lot of local initiatives, most of which run on volunteer work. Go browse or contact the local OCMW to see how you can donate toys in your neighbourhood. 

Eye opening movie about the favorite toys of children from different income levels

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