Create a photo album for your parents

 All through my childhood, my mom never left our house without her precious ‘Kodak’.

She took thousands of pictures and meticulously glued them in heavy albums. In triplicate (!): one for my sister, one for my brother and for me.

My mom just turned 87, technology has caught up with her. No digital pictures for her, she just does not like them.

Even if you are handy with the digital world, a photo album keeps that special charm. Especially for older people. And to be honest, I still love the feeling of leafing through a photo book.

Today’s tip:
Make a photo book for your parents or for someone you care about.

Books full of memories
Share the smile

There are many tools that make this really easy for you:

Select your digital photos, choose an app or online program, and with a few clicks you’ve put an album together. 

This might mean a bit of work for you, but the pleasure you’ll spread with your book compensates largely for this.

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