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Liking a post on social media is also an act of kindness

Today, June 30, we are celebrating Social Media day.

Likes on Social Media are a simple way to get approval.

Don’t we all know that little rush when your post gets more likes than normal? For every thumbs up or heart we get a little psychological high through a shot of dopamine. And that feels good!

Tip for today
Give your friends also a dopamine shot by liking their new posts today.

Granted, data on you is gathered every time you like something. But I hope this will not prevent you to make your friends smile when they check their likes tonight.

History of the likes
How it all started

Likes were first introduced in 2005 by the video site Vimeo, but they really came into the wider public view when they were adopted by Facebook in 2009. Ironically, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg didn’t ‘like it’. History indicates it took nearly two years for the ‘like’ button to get approval.

Quick evolution

From that relatively simple beginning, the like button quickly became a phenomenon. Content on Facebook is now liked more than 3 billion times per day and estimates suggest that since its inception, the like button has been pressed many trillions of times.

Likes are everywhere

This is just on Facebook alone. The like button is now everywhere, from Instagram to LinkedIn, as well as blogs and news websites.

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