Leave the car today

Don't use your car today

Due to the pandemic and a lot of working from home, we generally use our cars less and according to research by the traffic institute Vias, the number of traffic accidents has dropped dramatically.

Moreover, during the corona crisis, air quality in Europe has improved considerably. This is shown by calculations of the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) and is also confirmed by satellite observations.

Let us hope that we can maintain these favourable statistics. You can help by making it a habit to leave your car behind and go on foot or by bike (see also our blog post: Practice the 15 minute rule).

This is also a win for you: you get your daily dose of exercise which creates positive vibes so you can laugh more!

Tip for today
Leave the car at home today.

I recently read an interesting article in De Standaard. It said:

The global pandemic will greatly change customers’ expectations in terms of health and safety. People want to feel more protected.

There will be higher requirements for filtering the air in the car. This is not really new.  But the idea that the car should also purify the air outside and therefore around the car is relatively new.

 ‘We are working towards an idea where cars can suck bad things out of the outside air, even almost purify the air completely.’

Maybe someday I’ll have to change this tip to : ‘Take the car more to purify the air around you’.

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