Leave a kind note in the car of a loved one

Put a sweet message in the car of your partner

It seems that the kitchen and bathroom are the most popular places to leave a love notes. But no matter where you hide your little note, the fact that you’ve written something special and took time to find the perfect spot for it, shows your love.

Today’s tip:
Stick a post-it note with a sweet message on your partner’s steering wheel.

What you write does not matter, as long it makes him/her smile: from ‘I wish you a fine day’ to more romantic messages like: ‘you are amazing’, ‘you are my all time  number 1’, ‘you are beautiful inside and out’, ‘I love you to the moon and back’, ‘I count the minutes until you’re back’

leaving a love letter on the wrong car

Sometimes it goes wrong…

A guy in Ohio put up a message in his street.

It said: 

‘I put a cute love note on what I thought was my wife’s car last night. We figured out today that in my tired state, I had put this note on the wrong car.
If this car happened to be yours, I apologize for the confusion. I am not in love with you’. 

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