Infect someone with your smile

Infect someone with your smile

Your smile is powerful!
When people smile, feel good chemicals  are released in your brain. Smiling makes you feel good and you look more attractive.

But did you know your smile is contagious? When you smile to someone, this person will probably return it. Numerous studies have shown that it is an automatic reaction. 

And even when the person you are smiling at was feeling down, their smile,  ‘forced’ by yours, will also release feels good chemicals in their brain. So making them feel good too


Tip for today
Smile, smile, smile. At friends, at family and at strangers.

It’s good for your immune system, it’s good for your health, it releases stress. Smiling attracts the opposite sex and radiates warmth to others. And it will bring a little cheer to every day

So when you’re that person who starts a chain of smiles today, be proud knowing you have made the world happier!

Gonzales (a division of Serviceplan Benelux) created this ‘contagious’ video as a local market stunt in the Antwerp metro for the Belgian “choose happiness” campaign of The Coca-Cola Company.

Watch the clip and join the smiles!

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