Give your Mom what she really, really wants

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Sunday, May 9 is Mother’s day.

Tip for Mother’s Day
Make the mother of your children and your own mother feel special by giving them what they really, really want.
(A mother is not always happy with new kitchen utensils ;-)).

What mother’s really, really want for mother’s day

A friend of mine failed miserably at mother’s day a couple of years in a row. His wife reproached him that it was not in the gifts, but in the fact that she wanted to feel special.
So my friend went on a search to find what mothers really want on their special day.  These are the answers he got from interviewing a bunch of mothers.

Your mom will feel special by giving her what she really wants.

They want a day of freedom. The chance to do whatever they wanted without having to hold on to a tight time schedule.

Time With Family

So many moms want to have a fun day with their kids, but they don’t want to have to plan it or execute it. They just want to come along for the ride. Some might like going out to lunch, playing games, miniature golf, the beach, a museum or a picnic at a park. Whatever you do, make sure you take care of it all and talk to your kids beforehand about their attitudes. This is a no fighting day. It’s a fun day for mom.


All moms simply want this: To be acknowledged for all they do. Moms work hard and love their families, managing a million caring details. Most of those details go unnoticed. The thing they want is for all of their love and hard work to be noticed and appreciated. This is something that should be done every day, but especially on Mother’s Day. Many moms shared that they would love homemade cards with a personal message.




To Do Something New

Some moms said they wanted to do something fun in their city or town they had never done before. You may have to do some research, but every place has hidden gems. If you can’t find anything then search for something within a reasonable distance. But surprise her. She’ll love it, especially if she likes adventures.

To Be Pampered

Make an appointment for her to get a massage, have a spa day or have her nails done. If money is an issue then do it yourself. Clean the bedroom and make it beautiful. Burn scented candles. Put on her favorite music. Then give her a full body massage or foot massage. Leave her in the room for as long as she wants. Bring her her favorite drink. Just make her feel pampered.

A Day Free Of Duty

It’s probably going be to impossible for them to unplug mentally from those household duties, but take on whatever you can whenever you can that day. Try to think about the top 5 things that give her stress and just do them.

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