Be patient and let someone in front of you in a traffic jam

Probably you don’t like standing in traffic and would like nothing better than to be able to drive through quickly.

Especially in the evening rush hour, you see drivers who think they can save time by nervously changing lanes when traffic in the other lane is moving faster. And then there are the frustrated drivers who want to avoid at all costs that someone like that slips into their lane.

Are you a lane-changer or more of a nobody-slips-in-front of me?

The tip for today is
Be patient and let someone get in front in a traffic jam. If you do this before a road narrowing, for example, it will reduce the traffic jam faster and give everyone a big smile!

What to do in a traffic jam?

The first thing to do is off course to drive safely, but a bit of entertainment during the traffic jam will make you happy instead of getting worked up.
TomTom did some research into what people do in traffic jams. They compiled a list of the most popular and fun things to do. Maybe you will find some inspiration for the next time you end up cursing in a traffic jam?

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