Give nature a smile and compost

According to ‘Natuurpunt’, you can turn as much as a third of your waste into concentrate for your garden. By composting you are actually doing what nature has always done: letting the natural cycle take its course

Composting is not difficult. If you have a garden, you can use a compost bin to put your garden waste together with your kitchen waste. 

The compost you make is extremely useful. Soil LOVES compost! The most important thing you can do to care for the soil is to add this amazing resource that’s all too often mistaken for garbage and wasted in landfills. 

Tip for today
Be kind to nature and compost.

PS: There is a misconception that compost smells, but it doesn’t. If it smells at all, it’s more likely to be earthy. The reason your other waste smells is because you are mixing organic material with non-organic material which hinders the decomposition process.

If you don’t have a garden, you can also compost. It will save you a lot of leaky and smelly bins  and you can use the compost as a fertilizer for your plants.

3 requirements to compost in an apartment

  1. You have to be a bit handy.
  2. You also need somewhere to put the compost you produce.
  3. You must not be averse to worms.

Check out the Sustainable America infographic below for everything you need to know about composting in an apartment. 

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