Adopt a cat

August 8 is International Cat Day. At 365 Smiles we do like to give nature a smile and today we want to give a smile to our purring companion.

Having a cat as a pet is blissful: It brings conviviality and livens things up. But unfortunately having a cat at home is not always possible.

Tip for today
You can help a kitten by adopting it and  becoming its godmother/father

Often this is for cats who are less likely to find a home: they are too old, they exhibit behavioural problems, they don’t look good or they have lost all faith in humans and therefore not social.

These animals also have a right to life. Godfathers and mothers can help them by financially support in their care.

Check at an animal shelter of your choice which formulas they use. There are some shelters where you can visit your ‘godchild, I mean god-cat.

Adoption goes wild!

To keep his 15 rescue cats occupied, home builder Peter Cohen has constructed elaborate catwalks, tunnels, platforms and perches throughout his California home. This is one fun house you’ve got to see to believe.

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