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Posting online reviews is  easy. We’re good at it. Especially to express our frustrations or vice versa if everything ended up much better than expected.

Today’s tip:

Post a review of a supplier even when nothing special happened and everything runs how it should run.
That is definitely worth a positive comment!

You help other consumers with it, that’s for sure.  But a small, startup business will be excited with your nice comment.

Where can you post reviews about your suppliers?

  • On Google itself
  • On the supplier’s website or on the product’s page
  • On the supplier’s Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, …)
  • On your own Social Media
  • On Tripadvisor, booking.com, ….
  • Resto, Foursquare, test-aankoop
  • Trustpilot, Kiyoh, Feedbackcompany, Klantenvertellen,
  • ….

These online reviews made me laugh

Funny Reviews

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