Make a list of your topmoments in 2021

Top moments in 2021

It is very easy to list all the negative things about the past year and to whine and complain about them. And although complaining can be gratifying from time to time, it is not good to focus only on the negative. Last year many beautiful things happened as well.

At this time, you see lists pop up everywhere: The best movies of 2021, the most remarkable news events of 2021, the most beautiful pictures, the best sportsman/woman, …

But also in your life there have been top moments.
Make time to sum them up with your friends or family and see the sun shine behind the clouds.

Tip for today
Make a list of the 10 best moments of 2021.

By doing so you can give them some of your positive vibes and show them that 2020 should not be written off as a complete failure.

And you know, when you, in turn, hear the beautiful moments of your friends, it will surely give you a warm feeling.

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