Create your own yearbook 2021

Make your own 2020 yearbook

It was not so long ago in the news: in corona time more photo books are being made.

Tip for today
Make a yearbook every year. Make it a special yearbook, instead of a photo book with only photos.

This will give beautiful memories for later for yourself and certainly for your children and who knows your grandchildren.

What to include? 

  • Pictures, not only of the ‘big’ moments, such as vacations and birthdays, but also of your everyday life.
  • Pictures of what your environment looks like: with details of your house, the rooms, the dinner table, the rabbit’s cage, the way to school or work, in short: the daily happenings that are very natural. Actually your environment is so ‘normal’ to yo that you don’t think about taking a picture of it. My daughter was browsing trough old books this weekend and loved to see how our interior was back in the 70’s.
  • Photos you and your family saved on social media.
  • Pictures/stories of special news moments that have touched you (of course, Trump supporters storm the white house, the floods, the Taliban conquers Afghanistan,
    Corona vaccination, European Football Championship, ….). Do you know that with some photo album softwares you can even include a movie. That works with a QR code.
  • The best movies/series you saw, books you have read,  and best songs of last year
  • Funny or special anecdotes.
  • Letters or cards you received, other memorabilia

This will require some work. But don’t worry, within a few years, you’re going to leaf through this with a big smile on your face!

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