Put wishes (and cookies) on cars in a busy parkinglot

Gift on car

Everyone likes to receive a gift – even if it’s just a small attention or some useless gadget. You can’t deny it, getting something is fun.

And of course, you know that giving presents feels also great, maybe even treater then receiving.

But what you may not know (yet), is that it also gives you a warm feeling when you act as an ‘anonymous generous giver‘. I recommend that you give it a try. And now is the ideal time for that.

I also understand that you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on this tip, that’s why I’m keeping it simple.

Tip for today

Put some cookies (or candies) in small bags and add a kind card. Leave these on the windshield of cars in a busy parking lot.

(People who come back tired and stressed from shopping will be happy when they see your kind gift)

PS: This is a really fun tip to do with the kids, now that they are all enjoying an early Christmas vacation.

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