What if you hate Christmas ?

Tips for Christmas haters

Tip for today:
Go ‘all the way”  with lights, decorations, Christmasmusic, movies, food, drinks,  Youtube Christmas scenes don’t feel guilty and enjoy to the fullest.

However for some people Christmas is not at all the joyous moment, everyone else seems to enjoy so much.
It feels like all the bad that happened during the year come home to roost at Christmas.

If you feel like this, think of the thousands like you who are just getting through and I hope these tips can help you

Positive Things to Think About on Christmas
  • Although it might seem like it sometimes, Christmas does not last long.
  • Although everyone seems jolly and happy, many of them are not. They just fake it better than you.
  • Although you feel isolated, it’s just a spike, and everything will simmer down when you’ll feel part of the group or family again.
  • Although you sense you are unfeeling and a grouch, it’s only temporary.
  • Although you feel you can’t take it this year, you probably can.
  • Although you feel you won’t have any fun, you can manage something worthwhile for yourself. Cooperate to the extent that you can: and let people know how far you are willing to join in and share the jollity.
  • And smile. Even a fake smile sends positive vibes to your brain!

Merry Christmas to all of you: the fans and the haters!

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