Thank your doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, …. with a sincere compliment

Giove your doctor a compliment

When I was at the dentist the other day, there were children’s drawings on the wall with sweet thank-yous and compliments. From “thank you for my straight teeth” to “my dentist is the very best!”.

As I lay there, with my mouth wide open, I thought to myself that we adults do this far too little. With children, this still comes quite spontaneously. Even to a dentist. (Or maybe it’s the moms and dads who encouraged it, which is also nice).

Perhaps we do say a quick thank you when we leave their cabinet, but often that’s it.

Hence this tip and warm appeal to give your heath worker a heartfelt compliment. After all, they are professionals who have studied for a long time and work every day to improve your most precious asset – your health.

But they are also ordinary people for whom a pat on the back feels really good!


Tip for today
Thank your doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, …. with a sincere compliment.

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