Enjoy winter

Go outside and enjoy the winter

A friend of mine moved to California a long time ago. But she couldn’t settle there. It was always summer. She longed for bad weather.  At the time, I thought she was crazy, especially with

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Tips for Christmas haters

What if you hate Christmas ?

Tip for today:Go ‘all the way”  with lights, decorations, Christmasmusic, movies, food, drinks,  Youtube Christmas scenes… don’t feel guilty and enjoy to the fullest. However for some people Christmas is not at all the joyous

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Make your own 2020 yearbook

Create your own yearbook 2021

It was not so long ago in the news: in corona time more photo books are being made. Tip for todayMake a yearbook every year. Make it a special yearbook, instead of a photo book

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Show genuine interest in someone

Show genuine interest in someone

The greatest gift you can give someone is to sincerely show your interest in them. This gives them the feeling of meaning something, of being valuable. And besides our basic physical needs (air, water, food,

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Donate your hair

Let your hair grow

This may seem a strange suggestion for a blog that gives tips on how to give a smile to others. But your long hair can serve a purpose.  When you decide to cut it, you

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make your bed

Make your bed every morning

Maybe you’re not a morning person, maybe you don’t have time in the morning or maybe you think “oh, it’s not that important, no one sees this” all excuses for you to not to make

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