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HI, I am caroline

Until now I took part in the busy rat race, combining business life and being a mom/plus-mam of  6, trying to live as healthy as possible while having a busy social life.  

I am now finally following my passion. 
Fascinating research, mountains of literature and an intensive study of epigenitics  showed me that acts of kindness not only conjure a smile on peoples’ faces, but the effects are also reflected in your own genes! That blew my mind and I wanted to share this with you.

That is why I love to give you daily inspiration to make someone smile.

It doesn’t take much of your time, costs little or no money and it will make you happier and healthier!

Good luck! 

Background information

Caroline has a degree in commercial engineering. She is mom to Arthur, Sophie and Charlotte and plus mom of Charlotte, Rosalie and Juliette. Together with her partner Koen she enjoys the fun things of life: good food and drinks with family and friends, healthy living, travel and learn her dog to behave;-).

She won 2 years in a row the award for most customer-friendly e-commerce company. She was elected as most promising business woman of the province of Antwerp, She graduated in a course on epigenetics and is a certified IIN health coach.

Caroline’s professional background lies in Sales and Marketing. Throughout her career, she has given numerous seminars and presentations.  She just loves to inspire people.  With pleasure she will present a seminar on the benefits of  “365 smiles”  in your company or club. You are guaranteed to get a boost in enthusiasm and you will feel the desire to make someone happy through small acts of kindness.

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What's this blog all about?

First of all, you will find lots of inspiration for acts of and kindness that you can immediately use to make someone smile every day. 

To make the world a little better, there is no need to devote your whole life to big recognized charity organizations.
Even the busiest person has a moment every day to give a nice compliment, a sweet gesture or a heartfelt thank you.

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