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What others say:

New scientific research shows that doing nice things for others not only makes them feel good. This also has a positive effect on yourself, felt right down to your genes!

Get inspiration every day to make someone smile. It takes little effort, you can get started immediately and it will also make you better yourself.

These mails are really great! I've often had a smile on my face in the morning.

What a great initiative. Every day now I try to do something nice for others. It gives me wings.

Always nice to read the tips every day. It's very exciting to read what the new tip is. And I apply them regularly. Thanks!

Every day I receive an email with a heartwarming idea. So nice!

I put all the tips together in a folder, so I can look at them again. Your inspiration comes in handy every day! Thanks a lot.

This makes me genuinely happy! Guaranteed every day a portion of positivity, happiness, connection and friendliness in my mailbox.

Making others happy also makes me happy. Super idea!

I'm looking forward to the new tip every morning. Gives me a shot of positivity and a smile.

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